UPDATE to the mentions of David Sarikaya below

I have received repeated correspondence from Mr Sarikaya concerning the articles below. He wants me to delete them on the grounds that the allegations are not true.

In support of his request he sent me a bunch of photocopies of court documents showing that various charges against him had been dropped. Exactly what the charges were was not given however. The only description was “make false instrument” or “use false instrument”. As you will see here that offence usually refers to credit card fraud, rubber cheques, embezzlement etc. It is not obviously relevant to his alleged misrepresentation of himself as a qualified clinical psychologist.

I therefore asked for more evidence on the matter but it was not forthcoming.

I note however that in his correspondence with me he claimed that he never represented himself as a psychologist. In conflict with that is the many blog comments to me left by his patients claiming that he had been very helpful to them with psychological problems.

It is possible that he described himself not as a psychologist but as a “trauma counsellor” or the like and, that not being a registrable occupation, he escaped prosecution. He has however not addressed that question in his correspondence with me. I would think it was still a species of fraud if he allowed people to gain the impression that he was a qualified psychologist by an evasive use of terminology.

I am of course open to further information on the matters above but my provisional opinion is that Mr Sarikaya is a very clever and confident psychopath. And I AM a fully qualified (Ph.D.) psychologist.