Google can be very high-handed in dealing with those who use their services. They seem to see us as disposable trash. Which is fair enough, I suppose. You get what you pay for and most Google services are free.

I think it is a cause of concern, however, when they protect crooks at the expense of the general public. If crooks can cover their tracks, they can go on deceiving and ripping off people.

And Google DO protect crooks. If some crook asks for a report of his misdeeds to be deleted, Google will delete it from their servers. They can’t be bothered weighing up the rights and wrongs of complaints, apparently. So crooks appear to have a completely open go to sanitize their record.

That has happened to me twice now. Two shady gentlemen in Australia about whom I had blogged succeeded in getting my blog posts taken down by Google. I reproduce below the latest takedown notice and a follow-up notice when I attempted to protest. Google have effectively blocked any communication from me.

The shady characters are Paul Darveniza and Ali Davut Sarikaya, also known as Dr David Kaye. I have used one of my old WordPress blogs — which you are now reading — to repost the news items that Google deleted. I would be obliged if people would link to this post. We might get justice back on the road that way.

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4 October, 2009

Dumb bureaucrats won’t protect you from con-men

A CONMAN posing as a psychologist was able to fool NSW health authorities with a PhD bought for $250 on the internet, police say. Using the alias Dr David Kaye, 45-year-old Ali Davut Sarikaya was allowed to treat police officers and public servants with the blessing of the state Government.

Mr Sarikaya, who was arrested by Harbourside police as he attempted to board a flight to New Zealand at Sydney airport, appeared in Central Local Court on Wednesday on fraud charges and was granted conditional bail. Police alleged the Turkish-born “doctor” claimed to be a trained psychologist, despite holding no formal qualifications apart from a bachelor of arts. His patients included police officers, prison guards and senior legal figures who were referred to his medical practice in central Sydney through WorkCover NSW.

A statement of facts tendered to the court said Mr Sarikaya had “deceived” numerous government departments and organisations since moving to Sydney in 1997. The court heard Mr Sarikaya had been convicted of fraud offences of a “dishonest … identity-type nature” in Victoria in 1994. In the years since, Mr Sarikaya, who runs trauma clinics in Sydney and Parramatta, had been building a profile as the fictitious Dr David Kaye. Police said he used this alias to avoid scrutiny of his Victorian criminal record.

The court heard that Mr Sarikaya had gained membership of several prestigious organisations, including the NSW Bar Association, by touting himself as a doctor, which he justified using a spurious PhD. “Inquiries indicate this PhD was purchased via the internet from an organisation in Minnesota, USA, for $249.95, and is by no means an official document enabling use of titles such as doctor,” the court heard.

The police facts stated that Mr Sarikaya also obtained several identity cards, including an Australian Health Professionals Association card, in the name of Dr David Kaye to help bolster his identity. The alleged facade was so convincing that Mr Sarikaya was approved to work as a psychologist under the NSW Health Department’s Official Visitors Program. In 2006, he was appointed to the program for three years by then health minister John Hatzistergos, now the Attorney-General, who personally signed off his accreditation. It allowed the alleged fraudster to visit mental health patients in northern Sydney hospitals.


9 August, 2009

Another good one from Australia’s medical regulators

Convicted conman working for government. Regulators so often let unqualified and incompetent people run riot that you wonder what they are for. Even when complaints are received, it always seems to take them years to act. DO NOT rely on them to protect you from incompetents. Make your own enquiries when and where you can. Some of these crooks could have been uncovered simply by Googling their names

A CONVICTED conman who claims to be a doctor has been discovered working for the NSW Government – treating police officers and public servants with trauma and psychological injuries. Detectives from Harbourside Local Area Command are investigating David Ali Sarikaya, 45, after a complaint was lodged against him by the NSW Medical Board. Detectives raided his Milsons Point unit and office at the Sydney Trauma Clinic in the CBD on July 31, seizing hundreds of documents and patient files.

Sarikaya lives and works in NSW under the alias Dr David Kaye and has been authorised by WorkCover NSW to treat a range of people, including police officers, prison guards and senior legal figures.

He changed names and moved to NSW more than a decade ago after being convicted and charged of fraud in Victoria. Despite lacking medical credentials, Sarikaya was appointed an “official visitor” for NSW Health, which has allowed him to consult with psychiatric patients in hospitals for the past two years.

In March 2007, after passing a written application and interview, he was approved for the position by then health minister John Hatzistergos. The confidential accreditation signed by Mr Hatzistergos, and sighted by The Sunday Telegraph, granted Sarikaya access to mental facilities and the right to inspect patient records.

About six weeks ago he withdrew from the program after concerns were raised about his credentials. The revelations have deeply embarrassed departmental officials, who last week called for a meeting with police to clarify details about his identity. The NSW Medical Board refused to comment on complaints concerning Sarikaya, but were aware of a police investigation.


15 May, 2009

More Federal Keystone Kops

They are alleged to be “elite” and “sophisticated” but even a Google search was too difficult for them! It took a newspaper to tell them that they had hired a crook

An elite crime-fighting agency, responsible for tracking the dirty cash of criminals, accidentally [negligently, more like it] employed a man who had supplied drugs and allegedly offered money-laundering services. The highly secretive Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre has been forced to stand down disgraced former Gold Coast barrister Paul Darveniza. Darveniza managed to pass through the federal agency’s police record and security checks and was employed late last year to monitor gambling transactions in northern Australia.

The revelation throws a shadow over the agency’s prowess countering organised crime and terrorism through its monitoring of money movements. A simple Google search can identify Darveniza’s shady past, including how he was found guilty in 1998 of having supplied speed and ecstasy to an undercover police officer in 1996 and 1997. The Barristers Board of Queensland and the Bar Association’s successful court case to strike Darveniza off the roll of barristers in 2000 is also available online. It details how he had also registered to practise in NSW by failing to declare his history.

The Court of Appeal proceedings detail how the undercover officer alleged Darveniza offered him money laundering services through paid commissions or the internet at a cost of $550 for each $10,000. The court found Darveniza had shown an “utter disrespect for the law” after lying about his association with the officer posing as a drug dealer.

However, Darveniza’s history escaped the attention of Austrac, which touts how its highly qualified staff use “sophisticated tools” to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Austrac, which has offices in most states, was established in 1992 to operate as Australia’s financial intelligence unit. Following the September 11, 2001 terror attack on the US, this role included a greater a focus on countering the financing of terrorists.

It is believed Darveniza slipped through the watchdog’s net because no conviction was recorded in his 1998 drugs case. The agency insisted its checks had not been compromised. “Austrac does not comment on staffing matters,” a spokeswoman said. “In all recruitment exercises we take appropriate measures to ensure that the recruits are suitable to be employed by Austrac.” [Really??]

However, it is understood Darveniza was stood down and an internal investigation launched this week after Austrac was informed of their senior manager’s history by The Courier-Mail. The probe will also look at potential breach of the agency’s code of conduct.

Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus has indicated he will seek answers to the bungled background check. “Internal staffing is a matter for the chief executive officer (of Austrac) but the Minister has asked for an urgent briefing on the matter,” Mr Debus’s spokeswoman said.

A former police officer, Darveniza has also served as the head of the Surfers Paradise Chamber of Commerce. After he was struck off, Darveniza ran a consulting business that gained licences for prostitution, adult entertainment, liquor and gamingbefore leaving mid last year. The firm’s website said “happy customers” had included Fitzgerald inquiry figure Warren Armstrong and late Sydney crime boss Abe Saffron.