1. Steven Camarota Debates Dream Act on FOX News



2. Gone to Texas

Excerpt: Fox reports that 17 members of the Afghan military have gone missing over the past two years from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. While this is an obvious security vulnerability because ‘Each Afghan was issued a Department of Defense Common Access Card, an identification card used to gain access to secure military installations,’ I suspect it’s more likely that they’re washing dishes in the back of a cousin’s restaurant in San Francisco or Northern Virginia. (Actually, these aren’t mutually exclusive, since they could have just sold the DoD ID card and then gone to wash dishes.)


3. Plug the Damn Hole

Excerpt: A column in yesterday’s Globe and Mail on the ‘honor-killing’ of Aqsa Parvez in Canada by her Pakistani immigrant family gets to the policy point too many want to avoid:

Decades ago, illiterate Italians also immigrated to Canada, bringing with them a harsh, patriarchal culture where religion dominated all. But they didn’t marry cousins imported fresh from the old country. And so they began to raise their children differently.

Despite the pious assertions of the open-borders Right, we cannot address multiculturalism without first reducing immigration. Anyone who claims otherwise is either fooling you or fooling themselves. Only by first plugging the hole will we have any chance of addressing the consequences.


4. Congress Gets Three Views of America’s Immigration Courts

Excerpt: Remember the story about the blind men who examined different parts of an elephant and came up with widely differing views of what it was? The man who felt the tusk was sure it was a big piece of polished wood, the one who touched the trunk said it was a snake, and the one who grasped one of the legs called it a tree.

This is essentially what happened yesterday at a hearing of the immigration subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the nation’s immigration courts. It was hard to tell that the witnesses were describing the same entity.


5. Rebranding: New ICE or ICE Zero?

Excerpt: Citing concern over the agency’s image, ICE chief John Morton has announced a makeover and renaming of key bureaus so as to de-emphasize the immigration component of their work. This move is just silly on so many levels, but does illustrate three things


6. Brits and Aussies Speak Out on Immigration, Population, and Ecological Sustainability

Excerpt: By and large, American environmentalists remain too politically correct to address immigration and population issues. Meanwhile, our colleagues in the United Kingdom and Australia have recently been showing more courage. I find this hopeful! If it can happen there, it can happen right here in the United States.

In Britain, a small, crowded island filled with nature lovers, concerned environmentalists are fed up with continued population growth. Exhibit A is David Attenborough, respected world-wide for presenting six decades of award-winning nature documentaries for the BBC. Says Sir David, according to an article in the Times of London


7. This Just in!! President Reagan Endorses Enforcement-First Immigration Policy

Excerpt: ‘What would the Gipper do’ is a question that some Republicans ask when they don’t understand how, exactly, to apply Ronald Reagan’s core character and worldview to the problems that America faces today. The result is a search for one or more ‘truths’ to validate the author’s speculations regarding what Reagan would have done relying on a direct extrapolation of America’s circumstances in 1986, almost a quarter of a century ago, to those today.

A case in point is an unusual opinion piece for the pro-ever-more-immigration Wall Street Journal, in which Peter Robinson, a former speechwriter for President Reagan, wonders how Reagan would have responded to today’s immigration debates.


8. New Arrivals Ripped Off by Their Countrymen

Excerpt: It is an unattractive old story, but it keeps happening.

Newly-arrived aliens, usually with little or no chance of getting green cards, are cheated by their countrymen who promise – for stiff fees – legal status.

Recently four such schemes have come to light as prosecutors have hauled the immigration schemers into court, in New York and Pennsylvania. Three of them involve Haitian applicants (and con artists with what sound like Haitian names) and will be described later in this blog.


9. Oil Spills and Immigration Policy

Excerpt: Is there any connection between American immigration policy and the oil spilling onto Gulf coast beaches from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig?

The answer might seem an obvious ‘no.’ Efforts to make such a connection might seem ridiculous: an example of immigration reductionists’ absurd creativity in finding links between immigration and any problems facing the United States. What’s next, critics might ask. Are you going to blame immigration for the lack of focus in America’s space program, or the profound lameness of Lady Gaga’s latest CD?


10. One Man, Six Votes?

Excerpt: If you thought the U.S. Department of Justice’s job was to ensure electoral fairness and equal justice under law for every legitimate American voter, think again. And what is happening in Port Chester, N.Y., likely foreshadows mass immigration’s harmful effects on the land of e pluribus unum.

In that suburb, DOJ and a complicit federal judge ordered that town elections take place using a scheme practically intended to ensure race-based election results. That’s right, the standard of one man, one vote is being abrogated by official sanction.


11. Occupational Health Officials Oblivious to Legal/Illegal Distinction

Excerpt: Two federal occupational health officials, discussing the severe job-site health issues of immigrants yesterday, simply ignored the variable of legal or illegal presence.

No one is arguing that a physician should not set the broken leg of an illegal alien, but it would be helpful if records were kept as to the likelihood of broken bones among different kinds of migrants.

The setting for the display of this attitude was a sober and otherwise thoughtful discussion entitled ‘Migration and Occupational Health: Shining a Light on the Problem,’ a seminar sponsored by the Migration Policy Institute in Washington.


12. Micro-Amnesty for Some Illegals Pending Before Congress

Excerpt: While it is taboo to talk about a policy that would prohibit the admission of migrants who might not be able to assimilate – such as Muslims who insist that women must wear the burqa – soon it may be possible to use the variable of cultural assimilation to give amnesty to an illegal alien.

As the immigration lawyers’ trade paper Interpreter Releases headlined in its May 24 issue (which arrived on June 12). there is a move afoot regarding ‘Sentencing Guideline Amendments Sent to Congress Including Downward Departure for ‘Cultural Assimilation’ in Illegal Reentry Cases.’ The story was based on a May 14 Federal Register filing.


13. The Democrats’ New Immigration Strategy: Euphemism

Excerpt: Politico recently reported that the Democrats have come up with a tough new immigration strategy. It consists of ‘talking like Republicans’!

In place of such terms as ‘an earned path to citizenship’ or supporting efforts to allow ‘undocumented’ immigrants to ‘come out of the shadows,’ the new strategy emphasizes calling illegal immigrants what they are, and to ‘require’ that they ‘get right with the law.’


14. USCIS Does Right Thing with H-1B, Then Gets Sued – Some Speculation

Excerpt: USCIS has just been sued by an employer’s group for doing the right thing with a segment of the H-1B nonimmigrant worker program, according to an AP story.

It had not been clear to me earlier this year that the policy memorandum on the use of the H-1B program by the so-called ‘body shops’ (who play the same role as crew leaders in the harvest of farm crops) was very significant, but the court case suggests it was the right move.

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