1. A Drought of Summer Jobs: Immigration and the Long-Term Decline in Employment Among U.S.-Born Teenagers

Excerpt: The share of U.S.-born teenagers (16 to 19) in the labor force — working or looking for work — during the summer has been declining for more than a decade, long before the current recession. In 1994, nearly two-thirds of U.S.-born teenagers were in the summer labor force; by 2007 it was less than half. At the same time, the overall number of immigrants (legal and illegal) holding a job doubled. The evidence indicates that immigration accounts for a significant share of the decline in teen labor force participation. The decline in teen work is worrisome because research shows that those who do not hold jobs as teenagers often fail to develop the work habits necessary to function in the labor market, creating significant negative consequences for them later in life.


2. Faisal Shahzad: So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Excerpt: Below is a synopsis of the information that has been released on Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad’s immigration history. It reveals a familiar pattern of a terrorist easily taking advantage of weak spots in America’s immigration system. Shahzad was admitted long before 9/11, but the openings he exploited are still in place today. Until policymakers move to shrink them, they offer a sobering guarantee of job security for counter-terrorism and security personnel for the foreseeable future. The Center for Immigration Studies also offers several policy recommendations that would reduce the risks inherent in U.S. visa and immigration programs.


3. Arizona’s SB 1070 and the Hypocrisy of Mexico’s Governors and State Legislators

Excerpt: Mexico’s whiny governors and state legislators have turned hypocrisy from an art form into an exact science by lambasting their Arizona counterparts’ gambit to curb illegal immigration — a move supported by 70 percent of the Grand Canyon state’s citizens. Epithets such as “Hitlerism,” “Racism,” and “Xenophobia” flood the air around Mexico’s statehouses. Talk abounds of “asphyxiating” Arizona with a boycott of its businesses and products. Yet the very same Mexican officials who excoriate Gov. Jan Brewer for signing Senate Bill 1070 recklessly squander public funds that should be used to create jobs at home for their countrymen who have crossed unlawfully into the United States. This Memorandum begins with a brief analysis of the changing role of Mexico’s governors in recent years before examining the chasm between the rhetoric of these individuals and their acutely irresponsible behavior.


4. More Adventures for the H-1B Program

Excerpt: The wage-depressing H-1B program, for high-tech nonimmigrant workers, had another interesting week. This was on top of the smallest set of applications for the program in recent memory – there were just 19,100 petitions filed in early April for the annual limit of 85,000 slots, as noted in a previous blog.

In addition to the sharp decline in applications there was the news that the would-be Times Square bomber had been a (badly paid) H-1B visa holder, as mentioned in another blog.


5. Amnesty Preview in Vermont

Excerpt: A story in Saturday’s New York Times on the recent influx of illegal Haitian migrants coming into the United States from Canada offers us a micro-preview of what might unfold if illegal immigrants in the U.S. are granted an amnesty. Ever since the Obama Administration unveiled its mini-amnesty for all Haitians in the U.S. at the time of the January 12 earthquake, Haitians, many of whom have been previously deported, have been coming to the U.S. to try to take advantage of the new (limited time only, cannot be combined with other coupons) ‘Temporary Protected Status’ offer. (Void where prohibited, and see Mark Krikorian’s blog on how ‘temporary’ status is never temporary.)


6. Hysteria in the Heartland

Excerpt: Here in Chicago, we have two $100 million-plus baseball teams that can’t hit, and a hockey team on the brink of its first Stanley Cup title in nearly 50 years. But the team that’s been in the headlines is one that isn’t even allowed to play. Of course, I’m referring to the girl’s high school basketball team from north suburban Highland Park which won’t be competing in a tournament in Arizona in December because school officials claim that ‘students’ safety or liberty might be placed at risk because of state immigration law.’


7. Who Will Reform the Reformers?

Excerpt: I read Sen. Reid’s call to address the ‘challenge of fixing our broken immigration system’ with great amusement.

Sen. Reid correctly notes that, ‘We have to replace this broken system with one that works.’

The paradox, one that I have noted here previously, is that fixing the immigration system must be done by the same folks that broke it in the first place: Congress.


8. Refugee Resettlement Under Review

Excerpt: A non-profit nation of hundreds of taxpayer funded 501(c)(3)s has grown up around refugee resettlement in the U.S. A recent government-sponsored study finds ‘U.S. resettlement communities are awash with ECBOs that exist in name only but provide little meaningful assistance.’ (‘Practitioner Lessons from Ethnic Community Self-Help Programs,’ ISED Solutions, August 2009) Some of the ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations) apparently exist only to bring in grants and contracts for themselves.


9. Court Rejects Chutzpah, Ejects Illegal Alien, But it Takes 10 Years

Excerpt: Sometimes it is useful to review one of those legal battles in which a clearly illegal alien delays his well-deserved deportation – in this case, for nearly 10 full years.


10. 287(g) Gossip

Excerpt: Sources inside and outside ICE report that Suzie Barr, the Napolitano crony who is now ICE Chief of Staff, has chosen the controversial former Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt to head up ICE’s Office of State and Local Cooperation, pending completion of the background check. This is an interesting pick, because Hurtt is well-known as an outspoken critic of ICE/local partnerships who kept Houston as a sanctuary city, even as several of his officers lost their lives to illegal alien criminals who cycled repeatedly in and out of HPD custody without being reported to ICE. For more on Hurtt’s background, see my previous blog on him.


11. New Green Card, CIS Study Discussed at Senate Hearing

Excerpt: The issuance of a new, more secure green card and a study by CIS Director Research Steven Camarota were among the topics discussed at this morning’s hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

The sole witness was Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in the Department of Homeland Security.


12. Yahoo’s Sad Mismatching of Immigration Stories

Excerpt: When millions of Americans signed on to Yahoo this morning, they had a chance to see a pair of starkly contrasting Associated Press stories on immigration.

One of them, a profile of activist attorney Kris Kobach – an architect of the new Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants – was an example of solid, professional reporting. It offered a nuanced view of a controversial figure, giving voice both to supporters and to detractors as well as to Kobach himself.


13. Following the Money

Excerpt: I have finished reading Moving Millions: How Coyote Capitalism Fuels Global Immigration by Jeffrey Kaye. This book documents the economic forces that drive immigration. For those who are not intimately involved in the issues of employment-based immigration, this book is likely to be an eye-opener.


14. GOP Convention Deals Blow to Utah’s Illegal Immigration Advocates

Excerpt: Utah’s Republican Party conventions have not been good to elected officials who have consistently sided with the advocates for illegal aliens.


15. Canadian Province Says ‘No’ to H-1B-Type Foreign Workers

Excerpt: While USCIS encourages corporations to hire more foreign H-1B workers on its website, Alberta, the oil-rich Canadian province, has done the reverse and, citing the economic slowdown, has closed its borders to the same kind of high-tech foreign workers.

Provinces in Canada play a much more central role in immigration policy than American states.

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