1. How Obama is Transforming America Through Immigration

Excerpt: President Obama and his allies have made no secret about their immigration goals: easy amnesty, loose enforcement, and ever-higher levels of legal immigration. One prominent labor leader has boasted that continued mass immigration ‘will solidify and expand the progressive coalition for the future.’


2. New Arizona Law Puts Pressure on Utah

Excerpt: When Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the toughest state illegal immigration law in the nation on April 23, 2010, it made it imperative that Utah’s newly enacted child identity theft protection law (SB251) take effect as scheduled on July 1, 2010, without any changes.

If the Utah law isn’t implemented as scheduled, Utah’s widely perceived sanctuary state status, complete with driving privilege cards and an in-state college tuition program for illegal aliens, will make it a prime destination for illegal aliens currently living in Arizona and for those who continue to unlawfully enter the United States.


3. USCIS, Interpreter Releases Rally Around Shrunken H-1B Program

Excerpt: The once unstoppable H-1B program that used to bring more than 100,000 new temporary alien workers every year to the U.S. appears to be in trouble, and its friends are rallying around.

USCIS is currently running what looks very much like an advertisement for the program, included in the flashing photo-montage of highlights on its website, and the Grand Old Man of Immigration Law has written somberly about the program and its problems.


4. Activists Amplify Arizona Act, Accelerating Attrition Aftermath

Excerpt: Arizona Gov. Brewer dealt with the immigration bill very neatly this afternoon — she signed the bill, supporting it unapologetically, but at the same time issued an executive order directing the development of a training program on how to implement the law without racial profiling. The lefties outraged by the bill aren’t going to be placated by the executive order (which is kind of redundant, since cops everywhere a awash in sensitivity training), but it will be helpful for lots of Arizonans who support the bill but don’t want to feel guilty about it.


5. Poetry vs. Prose

Excerpt: The president’s comments today criticizing the Arizona bill were pretty anodyne. He described it as an example of ‘irresponsibility’ (at least he didn’t say they ‘acted stupidly’), but implicitly justified it in a clinging-to-their-guns-and-religion fashion by saying it was the kind of thing that would happen in the absence of amnesty. Also: ‘I’ve instructed members of my administration to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation.’ The ACLU’s going to make sure that the Ninth Circuit does that, so the administration is off the hook for now.


6. Will They or Won’t They?

Excerpt: As I’ve written before, there isn’t going to be a ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ bill reaching the president’s desk this year; it’s just not going to happen. But there is going to be a lot of sturm und drang about it, as the president signaled in his comments today on the subject.

Byron York has a piece today where he asks ‘So why are Obama, Pelosi and Reid going forward?’ He opts for the fifth of his five possible explanations: ‘They’re fully aware that the public doesn’t want ‘comprehensive’ reform but are racing to do as much as they can before the elections take away their power to defy the public’s wishes.’


7. VOA Interviews Kephart on Amnesty

Excerpt: Voice of America in Washington DC did an un-biased piece on the prospect for amnesty that aired worldwide on beginning April 12, 2010. It concludes that, despite demonstrations by those supporting “immigration reform” in Washington D.C. in March 2010, the prospect for such legislation, at least for now, is not good. Chris Simkins reported for VOA in the video below and in the linked article above.


8. Within Reason: Officers Checking Status

Excerpt: This week the Arizona state legislature passed a bill that, among other things, says that if local law enforcement officers encounter someone they suspect is an illegal alien, they should take ‘reasonable’ steps to try to determine the alien’s immigration status. A new web program sheds light on issues such as these.


9. Senate Hearing: Terrorism Policy 7, Immigration Policy 1

Excerpt: There was an interesting and unconscious test of the attractions of immigration and terrorism policy yesterday on Capitol Hill.

Eight speakers attended a Senate hearing on ‘visa security’; seven of them spoke only, or almost only, on airports and terrorism; one (John McCain) spoke about illegal immigration. Given the duties of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, any of the eight could have spoken about either subject.


10. More than 1.1 Million Secured Immigrant Status in FY 2009

Excerpt: A total of 1,130,818 persons obtained permanent resident alien status in fiscal year 2009; it was the first time in U.S. history that this number topped one million for the fifth year in a row.

Department of Homeland Security data on the year was released a few days ago.


11. American Common Sense and Legal Immigration

Excerpt: An item on the political website RealClearPolitics argues that Americans are just fine with high legal immigration – rather, it’s just illegal immigration they have a problem with and are exercised about. But that argument doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.


12. The Migration Problems of the Rich and Famous are USCIS’s Concern

Excerpt: The USCIS has begun a comprehensive review of one aspect of its decision-making, and it starts in an interesting place – the migration problems of the rich and famous.

The agency has released a summary of the April 12, 2010, ‘listening session’ which dealt with the ‘Request for Evidence Project,’ an examination of the agency’s requests for information in connection with the three nonimmigrant visa classes, O, P, and Q, and one immigrant category, E 11.


13. Attrition Through Enforcement Marches On

Excerpt: The Arizona Senate yesterday approved the final House version of an immigration bill, sending it to the governor for her signature (which is expected, though she hasn’t committed to it yet). The bill describes its intent this way

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