1. Steven Camarota Debates on Arizona Trespassing Law


2. Jessica Vaughan Discusses Population Issues on ‘To the Contrary’


3. Local Law Enforcement Authority to Check Immigration Status

Excerpt: A new CIS-LEAPS.TV webinar discusses a recent court decision affirming that local law enforcement officers may question suspected illegal aliens encounter about their immigration status and then contact immigration authorities (ICE). Known as Estrada v. Rhode Island, this important decision should reassure local officers that they are not obliged to look the other way when they discover immigration law violations and provides guidance on reasonable actions officers may take in questioning foreign nationals.


4. Unmanageable and Unsustainable: A Review Essay on ‘The Latino Education Crisis: The Consequences of Failed Social Policies’

Excerpt: In their book The Latino Education Crisis: The Consequences of Failed Social Policies, Professors of Education Patricia Gandara and Frances Contreras provide a rare and candid look at how Hispanic students — both immigrant and native-born — are faring in the United States. Their assessment is a warning to those concerned with the most vulnerable among us or to those simply concerned about the future prospects of our country.


5. Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform: Protecting the Employment Rights of the American Labor Force (Native-Born and Foreign-Born) Who Are Eligible To Be Employed

Excerpt: Ever since the latter half of the 19th century when the United States began to use its legal system as a means to regulate both the size and the composition of the flow of foreign-born persons into its population and labor force, policymakers have had to confront the issue of what to do about those who defy the ensuing limitations, restrictions, and exclusions (Briggs, 2003, chaps. 5-12). As a consequence, the subject of illegal immigration has made frequent appearances on the nation’s political reform agenda.


6. Telemundo Launches New Program with Look at Immigration

Excerpt: Telemundo, a Spanish-language TV network, had a big day on Sunday. Not only did it introduce a new Sunday public-affairs program with a spirited discussion of immigration, but the program’s anchor was also a participant in the roundtable discussion of NBC’s Meet the Press. Both Telemundo and NBC are owned by General Electric.


7. Goldman Sachs, Charged with Fraud, Is also an H-1B Employer

Excerpt: Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street powerhouse charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with fraud, is also a substantial user of H-1B workers.

The fraud charge was the lead story Saturday in both the Washington Post and the New York Times as presumably it was in other papers across the nation. The firm is charged by the SEC, not always a vigorous watchdog, with creating complex financial instruments, selling them to investors, and then betting (via short selling) against the very same instruments.


8. USCIS Asks for E-Comments – Let’s Tell ’em What We Think!

Excerpt: The USCIS Office of Public Engagement has issued an invitation for comments on its various programs, and it behooves one and all to respond.

The survey is online here and is open to the public.

As one might imagine, the questions do not deal with illegal immigration, or the massive current levels of arriving immigrants and nonimmigrants, or the impact of millions of newcomers on the demography or on the environment of the nation.


9. Tax Reckoning for Illegal Immigrants?

Excerpt: Illegal immigrants are standing at the ready to solve America’s public deficit crisis – or so you might conclude upon reading the Schumer-Graham immigration reform/amnesty proposal. One of the least plausible elements of the bill is the notion that providing legal status to illegal immigrants will be a boon to the U.S. Treasury.


10. Do 90% of Illegals Pay Federal Taxes? Examining an Academic Illusion

Excerpt: A significant think tank has just issued a study on the effects of the proposed legalization of currently illegal alien residents.

It states (on p. 18) that ‘Our estimates suggest that 87 percent of former crossers and 91 percent of overstayers filed federal tax returns in 2002.’


11. Federalism Lives!

Excerpt: The Arizona legislature is showing that federalism still lives. State lawmakers have passed a bill to make it a state crime to reside in the state without proof of lawful U.S. residence. The legislation also empowers police officers to check a suspect’s immigration status.

The legislation still needs the governor’s signature to be enacted. And open-borders advocates are sure to obstruct the law in court. But the significance of Arizona’s state legislation should not be missed. Further, such activity at the state and local level is healthy.


12. Mexico’s Legislature Hits Oklahoma for Tax-Withholding Scheme

Excerpt: The Mexican House of Representatives has called for that nation’s government to boycott all goods made in Oklahoma because it is upset by that state’s unique tax-withholding scheme, according to an AP dispatch.

You would think that how an American state handles its tax-collecting would be of little interest to the Mexican pols, but this is a slightly different system. If you send money by wire transfer out of state, no matter who you are, Oklahoma imposes a 1 percent state income tax withholding on the transaction. If you pay your state taxes, it does not cost you a cent.


13. Legalization Research: Asking Mild Questions Produces Soothing Answers

Excerpt: A well-attended session at a Washington think tank yesterday provided some nuanced clues as to the intellectual rhetoric that will accompany the upcoming legalization debate.


14. Armenian VOA Interview on Illegal Immigration Issues

Excerpt: An interview on illegal immigration with Mark Krikorian.


15. Poverty Palace

Millionaire huckster Morris Dees, whose venomous and malevolent Southern Poverty Law Center exists almost exclusively ‘to separate wealthy liberals from their money,’ in the words of Harper’s Ken Silverstein, has done remarkably well for himself. (See a CIS profile of Dees’ foray into the immigration business here.) You can see for yourself just how well he’s done in this slide show of his Montgomery, Ala. estate. I’m not sure which I like better — the pool house, the guest house, the studio building, or the main mansion.

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