1. Looking at the H-1B Process Through the Eyes of the Participants

Excerpt: It is often useful to look at an immigration program, step-by-step, through the eyes of the participants; in earlier years I did this with people seeking naturalization, legalization applicants, and green-card holders who lived in Mexico and worked in the United States.

Recently, I started doing this vis-à-vis the H-1B program; one gets a more nuanced view of the program that supplements reading studies, statistics, and statements made by supporters and opponents of the program.


2. After Health Care, Amnesty?

Excerpt: Many on the left are demanding that the president take up amnesty for illegal immigrants as his next major goal. But it’s just not going to happen.

There has certainly been a lot of talk about moving on to immigration reform. Some 60,000 illegal aliens and their supporters staged a protest in Washington in March demanding amnesty. President Obama reiterated his “unwavering” commitment to legalizing the country’s 11 million illegal aliens. And a great fuss was made over a “blueprint” for an amnesty bill outlined in a Washington Post op-ed by Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham.


3. Steven Camarota Discusses Border Security


4. Jon Feere Discusses Mexican Violence, Asylum


5. Spinning the News

Excerpt: One way to spin the news is by selecting stories that together create a single message. With immigration looming as a national issue the editors of my local paper, The Contra Costa Times, are doing their part to move amnesty forward by diffusing public misgivings about it and about Mexico as a neighbor through the selection of articles in their news coverage.


6. USCIS Robs Social Security Fund of $1 Billion a Year

Excerpt: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, late in the Bush administration, issued an emergency ruling that silently robs the Social Security Trust Fund of nearly a billion dollars a year, every year.

This stealth attack may have been reported in the press somewhere, but I doubt it.


7. H-1B Filings Fall Sharply, Apparently Due to the Economy

Excerpt: This morning USCIS announced that the number of H-1B petitions filed in the first week of the month fell sharply from last year’s comparable period, and even more dramatically vis-a-vis earlier years. One of the impacts of this is a major blow to the agency’s budget.


8. Would Legalization Backlogs Delay Other USCIS Applications? Probably

Excerpt: An interesting question has arisen as a result of a congressional hearing: would a massive legalization program, as many advocates want, slow the processing of applications filed routinely by citizens and legal aliens wanting immigration benefits?

The numbers are daunting. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) currently faces six million applications a year according to one news story. The estimates of the number of illegal aliens in the nation runs to 11 or 12 million.


9. Guilt by Invented Association

Excerpt: Imagine 2050, a web site devoted to smearing those who do not share their support of high immigration, claimed last year that I wrote an article for the American Free Press (AFP). First, I did not give permission to AFP to publish anything I have written. I was unaware that AFP even existed until this issue came up. AFP simply lifted from the internet parts of something I wrote for the Center for Immigration Studies. A simple Google search would have revealed this fact.

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