1. White House Meeting Today on Immigration Reform

Excerpt: President Obama is due to meet today with the two senators who have been trying to plot a legislative course to an immigration reform bill, and the National Council of La Raza is impatient for clear signs of movement.

‘If the meeting is just to ‘hear more,’ it’s not going to cut it,’ Clarissa Martinez of La Raza said in Huffington Post. Martinez wants a clear sign of movement from Obama’s meeting with Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham.


2. Social Security, Verify Thyself! The IG Inspects the E-Verifiers

Excerpt: The Social Security Administration, along with the Department of Homeland Security, operates the E-Verify screening program to identify potential illegal alien workers.

But, according to the SSA’s own Inspector General, in a recent report the SSA, as a large employer, did not fully use the E-Verify system to screen it own employees.


3. Why Should Private, For-Profit Language Schools Authorize Visas?

Excerpt: Today’s New York Times carries a story about a private-for-profit language school in Florida that ‘was a front for the sale of fraudulent applications for student visas.’

A total of 80 people, including the managers of the Florida Language Institute in Miami, were arrested, the Times reported.


4. Hurtt Not So Good

Excerpt: Sources inside and outside ICE are reporting that the agency leadership intends to install an embattled ex-police chief known for his obstruction of immigration law enforcement as its liaison to the local law enforcement community. Former Houston police chief Harold Hurtt is reportedly the top candidate to lead the agency’s Office of State and Local Coordination. That office’s main responsibility is the 287(g) program, of which Hurtt has been outspokenly critical.


5. Health Reform Push

Excerpt: President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders are working hard to line up enough votes and plot a path to get their version of health reform across the goal line. Though immigration hasn’t been raised as much as other bubbling controversies like abortion, this issue remains alive.


6. A Rave Review for a Justice Dept. Report on Immigration Decisions

Excerpt: The report deals with two administrative appeals agencies central to the implementation of immigration policy; EOIR has the nationwide set of several hundred immigration judges, who handle about a third of a million deportation (now called removal) and other cases each year. EOIR also houses the Board of Immigration Appeals, an entity that handles appeals from the immigration judges and from some USCIS decisions.


7. Calderon’s Latin American Initiative: A Few Concerns

Excerpt: Last month, as Mexican President Felipe Calderon hosted a meeting where Latin American and Caribbean leaders agreed to form a new regional organization that will include Cuba while excluding the United States and Canada, the initiative received little attention in the U.S.

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