Illegal immigrants using fake identification cards have repeatedly breached security and gained entrance to Vance Air Force Base to work on construction projects, a recently fired civilian police officer has told The Oklahoman.

Base officials verified breaches have occurred, but said the pilot training base has multiple layers of security meant to prevent unauthorized access and penalties can be severe.

Former officer Corey Spradlin, of Enid, said it is disturbing that even after the 9/11 terrorists’ attack and shooting spree at Fort Hood, “we’ve got people who aren’t even legally authorized to be in the country that are gaining access to an Air Force base.”

“I know none of the people were part of the Mexican al-Qaida, but, the point is, if they’re getting on, then what’s to say some extremist isn’t,” he said. “There’s an attitude this is Vance, America. Nothing ever happens here.”

Spradlin said he was terminated within days of denying entrance to the mother of the base commander’s housekeeper because she had an expired visa. The housekeeper and her mother told police they were on their way to meet the commander’s wife for a Bible study, according to an Enid police report.

Spradlin said he previously had upset Air Force base officials by verbally clashing with a construction contractor over illegal immigrants being brought on base to do construction work. Lax security procedures had enabled illegal workers to obtain long-term contractor passes, Spradline said.

Spradlin has filed retaliation complaints over his dismissal with the base’s inspector general and equal opportunity officer.

Spradlin said during his short tenure at Vance, he encountered at least three illegal immigrants who successfully used fake identification cards to get base long-term contractor passes, enabling them to work on base. Two eventually were taken away in handcuffs after the deceptions were discovered. The third was turned away at the gate after his fake identification card and contractor pass were confiscated, Spradlin said.

One of the men arrested was Victor Martinez-Ochoa, 18. Spradlin said Martinez-Ochoa had a long-term contractor’s pass, which would indicate he previously had cleared the base security force’s background check.