1. Dirty Work: In-Sourcing American Jobs with H-2B Guestworkers

Excerpt: Americans don’t want to mow your lawn. They don’t want to serve you your lobster roll sandwich during your summer holiday in Maine. They won’t drive the trucks that bring food to the grocery store you shop in, or chop down the trees that produce the paper you use, or perform at the circus you attend every summer. You’ll also need the helping hand of a “temporary, seasonal” guestworker to help you get on the chair lift in Vail, and to learn how to ski or snowboard. Nor will Americans guard your swim club’s pool, shovel the snow in your driveway, operate the rides at the amusement park you take your kids to, tidy up the hotel room you sleep in, or process the seafood you eat. Americans can’t even be counted on to coach sports, or work construction jobs. American workers have grown soft, young people don’t want to work, and the unemployed don’t want to do much of anything strenuous these days.

These are the kind of flawed assumptions that have led to the creation and rapid growth of the H-2B visa program, which has resulted in more half a million jobs being filled by foreign guestworkers over the last five years, rather than Americans and immigrants already in the United States.


2. Update on Fuzzy Words in the Immigration Policy Debate

Excerpt: The open-borders supporters continue to push the linguistic boundaries as they seek to impose on all of us new and fuzzier ways of discussing immigration policy, a subject covered in an earlier blog of mine.


3. A Response to Amy Mehta’s Call to Strip the ‘Mask’

Excerpt: One of the reasons I came to work at CIS a year ago was that I wanted to oppose the effort by some who favor increased immigration to stifle debate by impugning the motives of those, including CIS, who make a case for reduced immigration. That smear campaign, led by the National Council of La Raza and their allies at the Southern Poverty Law Center, seeks to present us as part of an ‘anti-immigrant’ cabal whose claims to be concerned about the economic, environmental, and social consequences of immigration are merely a mask that seeks to cover our bigotry and xenophobia.


4. ‘Temporary’ Status for Haitians

Excerpt: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was invented precisely for cases like Haiti today — when a natural disaster is so devastating that illegal immigrants from that country temporarily can’t be deported. And there are already several members of Congress calling on the administration to grant TPS, and rightly so.

But the earthquake is also an argument for why we need to fix TPS — it’s a necessary tool, but as currently structured it functions as a permanent amnesty for anyone ‘lucky’ enough to come from a country that suffers a natural (or even man-made) disaster. As far as I’ve been able to determine, not a single person who has ever been granted this ‘temporary’ status has later been deported.


5. Green Cards for Rich Family Actually Cost Less Than Previously Reported

Excerpt: In an earlier blog I said that it would cost about $100,000 each for a rich alien family of five to secure green cards through the investor visa program. I also said that the program generates jobs for Americans. I was wrong on both accounts.

The jobs can be hard to identify and the costs can be much less.


6. When in Doubt, Keep Them Out

Excerpt: Monday’s Washington Times included a piece echoing Elliott Abrams’s NRO article from a couple weeks ago: The State Department needs to get out of the visa business. It managed to hold onto to the visa process after 9/11 only with oversight from DHS, but State has continually fought DHS efforts to tighten up the process and ‘again and again has sided with foreigners seeking access to the United States.’ This is why, as my Center for Immigration Studies colleague Jessica Vaughan points out, State didn’t even check whether the panty-bomber had a visa after his father’s warning, let alone revoke it.


7. CNN Segment on State Dept. Failures

Excerpt: The CNN segment on the Christmas Day plot features Janice Kephart discussing why we need to think about this plot not so much as an intelligence failing, but a successful terrorist travel operation akin to that used by the 9/11 hijackers. She also discusses the need to re-vet visas close to time of travel.


8. Political Pushback for Soft-on-Immigration Republicans

Excerpt: There are new indications that supporting mass amnesty and liberal immigration levels may carry political costs. Two prominent Republican lawmakers who’ve pushed amnesty now face political heat for those actions. U.S. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have become targets for their open-borders stances.


9. Illegal Aliens: Turning the Dreams of American Children into Nightmares

Excerpt: American citizens and legal residents would be left on their own to recover their credit histories and to undo all of the other problems they have been saddled with by illegal aliens.

They would have to do this at their own expense with no help from the U.S. government, which would prohibit any information about the illegal aliens’ criminal activities from being made available to law enforcement agencies or to the victims of their crimes.

Congress will, however, ensure that the government collects a small fine and some back taxes and closes its eyes to the injustices done to ordinary working Americans and their families.

Isn’t it time that Congress started looking out for the well-being of American citizens and legal residents rather than rewarding criminal illegal aliens with a path to citizenship?

The above is a press release received Jan. 16 from from Center for Immigration Studies. 1522 K St. NW, Suite 820, Washington, DC 20005, (202) 466-8185 fax: (202) 466-8076. Email: center@cis.org.