The year got off to a positive start after a New Jersey bill died in the state senate earlier this week. The state legislative leaders were hoping to pass an in-state tuition bill for illegal aliens knowing the incoming Governor opposed such a bill. But under consituent pressure, lawmakers couldn’t secure enough votes and were forced to cancel the vote.

States across the country will soon begin considering measures like the one in New Jersey, and these battles are just as significant as the ones we fight on the national level. So, if you receive an Alert dealing with an issue in your state, we hope you’ll take Action just like our members in New Jersey did over the past 10 days.

State legislatures are not the only battlegrounds. A few weeks ago, Lancaster, Calif. passed a city ordinance requiring businesses to use E-Verify, and many other local municipalities are doing the same. The story out of Massachusetts earlier this week is an example of the Administration’s unwillingness to enforce immigration laws, so it’ll be up to the states to protect American workers.

The above is part of a circular from NumbersUSA [] of 1601 N. Kent Street, Suite 1100, Arlington, VA 22209, dated Jan. 16.