An Afghan asylum seeker was caged for eight years today for the horrific gang rape of a woman who was kidnapped off the street. Evil Ahadullah Khughiani, 20, was one of five men who took turns to have sex with their helpless victim in a city park. The monster LAUGHED and SANG in court while the traumatised 25-year-old woman relived her terrifying ordeal.

She was abducted as she walked to a takeaway near her home in Bristol one afternoon and forced into the back of a car. It was dark by the time the mob had driven her three miles to a deserted park where she was dragged by her legs across the muddy ground to a football pitch. The woman told a jury how Khughiani — then aged 18 — “laughed and joked” with the others as they repeatedly raped her. He was convicted of the attack after DNA found on the victim matched samples he gave when he arrived in Britain seeking asylum just months earlier in 2008. Khughiani also stole the woman’s mobile phone but a jury cleared him of kidnap during his trial in December.

The Recorder of Bristol, His Hon Judge Neil Ford, sentenced him to eight years in a young offenders institute with an additional month for the phone theft. He also ordered his deportation from Britain as soon as he is released. [Which is unlikely to happen]

The judge told Bristol Crown Court: “She was held down while a number of you took it in turns to have sex with her against her will. “I am satisfied that she had been abducted from the street although on the jury’s verdict I do not find that you played any part in that abduction. “But you knew full well how it was that she was in the car and how she came to be transported to the park.”

Prosecutor James Patrick said the victim later became pregnant by her long-term partner but suffered a miscarriage at eight months due to the trauma of the attack and court case.

The judge told Khughiani: “The effect of your offence upon that young woman has understandably been significant. “She has been depressed and lost confidence and she is subject to anxiety attacks. It is my view that the anxiety of the attack contributed to the loss of her child. “Throughout the proceedings you have shown yourself to be manipulative and uncooperative. “You will serve one half of that term before you are released, and if you are not deported thereafter you will be subject to licence for the balance of that term.”

Khughiani, who is on benefits, denied rape but admitted having sex with a prostitute a few days earlier and paying £10. His victim picked him out in an ID parade as one of the five rapists. The other four men are still being hunted.

Defending, William Eaglestine said Khughiani had no previous convictions and added: “He is bound to have a deportation order made to take him back to Afghanistan which will have a profound effect on him.” He said his singing and laughing as his victim gave evidence raised concerns over his mental health.

Outside court Detective Inspector Will White of Avon and Somerset police said: “This was an extremely rare incident. “We don’t want the public to be unduly fearful because of this one incident.”