Well-meaning free-marketers have a dangerous blind-spot when it comes to illegal immigration. Stories like this happen every single day in these United States, and while the media tries to downplay them, they are horribly corrosive to faith in our political authorities and sworn law-enforcement officials:

Through nine arrests, no one questioned whether 14-year-old Noel Cruz-Diego was in the U.S. legally until he was charged with burglary, robbery and stabbing a Lakeland man 43 times last month.

Juvenile arrest reports obtained by The Ledger this week detail charges against him during 2 1/2 years and show that law enforcement knew for at least two years the teen was born in Mexico.

But an immigration detainer wasn’t placed on the teenager until recently by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, when the agency was notified of Cruz-Diego’s questionable status by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, according to DHS officials.

Although a minor, Cruz-Diego faces adult charges in the most recent case, in which he is accused of breaking into Daniel Granton’s home Nov. 18 and stabbing him.

Let’s just run the numbers in this ghastly story: 14 tender years of age; 9 arrests; in 30 months; 2 burglaries in 1 hour, the 2d of which resulted in:
43 stab wounds.

“Trailing blood, [the victim, Daniel Granton] crossed the street to Jeanette Garro’s house and knocked on the door for help. But Garro and her husband were asleep. Garro said Granton left pools of blood on her front door and sidewalk, then collapsed underneath her carport on his way to the back door.”

No, no, NOOO, this is not what Emma Lazarus had in mind. It’s long past time libertarian-oriented stopped averting their eyes to it, and started contributing to a remedy to this eminently remediable problem. Even if we didn’t apply a “zero-tolerance” policy for illegal aliens, why not a “two-strikes and you’re out” policy?

It would have saved Daniel Granton a few quarts of blood.