1. Three Years of Fraud in the U.S.: The Case of Manoj Kargudri

Excerpt: The Center for Immigration Studies is releasing the third video in its series Border Basics by Janice Kephart, Three Years of Fraud in the U.S.: The Case of Manoj Kargudri.

Following closely on the heels of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s announcement that she is looking forward to working with Congress on “comprehensive immigration reform,” Janice Kephart explores how the agency that would be responsible for carrying out an amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens still cannot ferret out fraud in a single simple employment petition even eight years after 9/11.


2. The American-Bashers

Excerpt: Those of us who seek to change U.S. immigration policy so that it will no longer serve as a tool to displace, disrupt, and impoverish working Americans get subject to a lot of name calling: ‘xenophobe,’ ‘anti-immigrant,’ ‘racist.’


3. Immigrants to the U.S. Were Once Self-Starters – But No More

Excerpt: ‘Self Starters’ are well regarded in the American culture – they create their own careers without help from family or old-school ties. All legal immigrants to the United States used to be self-starters. But no more.


4. Immigration Enforcement — A Jobs Program

Excerpt: Over at The Corner, I linked to a USA Today story the other day about Americans elbowing illegals out of the way for day-labor jobs, under my headline of ‘And Yet, We Still Haven’t Suspended Immigration.’ In response, one reader wrote, sarcastically, ‘Yah, because protectionism is clearly the answer for our economic woes.’ This betrayed a widespread misconception about immigration and trade, one that’s important to keep in mind as the president unveils the political theater production called his ‘Jobs Summit.’


5. Our Unsecure Border: More Evidence from the Coronado National Forest in Arizona

Excerpt: Our borders are not secure, despite claims to the contrary by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. And she and others have linked their case for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ to such security.

A federal government internal incident report obtained from the Department of Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service and a news story from Nogales, Ariz., dated December 1, 2009, are indicators that our borders are far from secure — direct from those who live and work on the border. This is especially true in Arizona, the home state of Secretary Napolitano, where the southeast corner of the state is covered by 60 miles of Forest Service federal land known as the Coronado National Forest, which remains downright dangerous.


6. Immigration-Poverty Connection Missing in Harvard Report

Excerpt: The Nieman Foundation at Harvard has just published a sharp-edged attack on the press for failing to cover the rise of poverty in the United States. Written by investigative reporter John Hanrahan, it is available at the foundation’s website.


7. Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration Rights – An Issue That Could Tear Apart the Open Borders Coalition?

Excerpt: There is a question in current U.S. immigration policy debate that has the potential for tearing apart the Open Borders coalition: should the U.S. recognize same-sex marriages in the immigration context?

In other words, should we grant marital visas to aliens marrying Americans of the same sex?


8. In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens — Felonies and False Hopes

Excerpt: Why does Utah, among other states, encourage students who are illegally in the United States to commit multiple, job-related felonies and why does it create false hopes for these young people?

The answer to these questions can be found in Utah’s in-state tuition program.

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