Wotta lotta crap! Anyone with something to hide will simply opt out of it!

ASYLUM-SEEKERS living in Sydney and Melbourne will have their faces and fingerprints scanned as part of a new Federal Government border security initiative.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans today announced protection visa applicants in the two capital cities, where the biggest case loads are found, will be asked to conduct a digital scan of their faces and fingerprints. Senator Evans said establishing the identity of non-citizens was a fundamental part of visa assessment and processing and helped keep Australia’s borders secure. “This initiative will improve our current processes for identity checking and assessing people’s claims for protection under the Refugees Convention,” he said. “It will also strengthen out ability to detect inconsistent identity and immigration claims.”

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is already conducting facial and fingerprint scans of immigration detainees on Christmas Island as well as illegal foreign fishers. The biometric information is also taken from people sitting the citizenship test and as part of health assessments.

Senator Evans said the images would be shared with other countries such as Britain, the US and Canada to determine applicants’ immigration histories.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary and will be confined to Sydney and Melbourne for the next six months. Those who don’t want to be involved will have their visa applications processed as normal.

The Government will consider expanding the initiative nationally and making it compulsory at the end of the pilot program. [So if the “pilot” program finds no villains that will be used as a reason not to make it compulsory? That is no doubt the level of reasoning involved. A non-compulsory program is NOT a pilot for a compulsory one]