An illegal immigrant now has to have been in Britain for only four years and they are home free. And given the glacial pace of the British immigration bureaucracy, it’s easy to be in Britain for that long while your case is being dealt with. In typically dishonest Leftist fashion, they are denying that it is an amnesty but it is. It is an amnesty for anyone who has been in Britain for 4 years

Immigration rules are being changed to ease a backlog of asylum cases, it emerged last night.

The UK Border Agency urged an alteration to existing guidelines after realising that it would be too difficult to deport failed applicants from countries with poor human rights records without going through costly court battles. Matt Coats, the agency’s head of immigration, asked Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, and Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, to relax laws to allow his teams to clear a backlog of up to 40,000 applicants from Zimbabwe, Iran and other countries.

In a memo signed off by Mr Woolas, Mr Coats suggested the applicants be given leave to remain after being in Britain for just four years rather than the 10 to 12 years as rules had stated.

Last night Mr Woolas said: “There is no amnesty. Our guidelines were updated to provide case workers with a simple framework to judge cases, and to avoid long drawn out court battles. Less than 40 per cent of cases are being granted.”