1. CFC Promotion Video

DETAILS: The Center for Immigration Studies participates in the Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC number is 10298.

More information on the Campaign is available here


2. The Immigrant Paradox: The Stalled Progress of Recent Immigrants’ Children

EXCERPT: The American tradition, over the years, has been that the first generation of immigrants struggles, the second generation does better, and the third generation does even better in terms of income, education, personal health, and overall achievement. There is much statistical as well as anecdotal evidence of these trends in the past.

Currently, however, social scientists are finding that this overall pattern is not happening with the second and following generations of more recent immigrants; on many measures, the follow-on generations do not achieve as much as their forefathers, the immigrants. Interestingly, the scholars making these findings are deeply sympathetic with both the immigrants and their descendants; there is no stacking of the social science deck here.

Comment from JR: If we mention the unmentionable — the low average IQ of Hispanics — it should all become clear


3. The Obama Administration’s 287(g): An Analysis of the New MOA

EXCERPT: The Obama administration may have begun to undermine one of the most successful immigration enforcement programs in the country. Known as 287(g), the program allows trained state and local law enforcement officials to assist federal immigration agencies in carrying out immigration enforcement. Since the beginning of 2006, state and local law enforcement officials have identified over 120,000 illegal aliens for removal. As of this writing, 77 jurisdictions in 25 states have signed on to the program.


4. Immigration, Population, and the Environment: Experts to Debate Impact of Current Policies

CIS Video

DETAILS: It is well-documented that current U.S. immigration policies will increase Americas population by about 100 million people over the next half-century. Past attempts to restructure the federal immigration program have often included debates on education, assimilation, health care, labor, and many other issues. But the environmental impact of immigration-driven population growth is usually missing from the discussion, despite the fact that environmental concerns are high on the Obama Administrations priority list.


5. On ‘Al Punto’: The Census and Mexican ‘Rocky’

EXCERPT: The debate among advocates of illegal immigrants about participation in next year’s census received pointed commentary on the Sunday morning Univision program, ‘Al Punto.’ The Spanish-language program also included an interview with the star of a new feature film about illegal immigrants that presents the same trajectory of triumph as Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rocky.’


6. DHS Task Force Seeks Weaker 287(g)

EXCERPT: Federal administrators of the 287(g) program seem to be limiting the reach of the program on a number of fronts. But the changes taking place are not a benefit to anyone other than those violating our laws.


7. Sen. Grassley’s Gold mine of Temporary Worker Data

EXCERPT: Senator Charles Grassely (R-IA), or more precisely his staff, has opened up a goldmine of policy and statistical information on the use of allegedly short-term foreign workers holding U.S. white collar jobs.


8. Obama Administration Prepares for Amnesty – on Taxpayers’ Wallet

EXCERPT: It is fiscally (and morally) irresponsible to overextend the public treasury (and American taxpayers) in the breathtaking manner this Congress and administration are doing. Legalizing aliens adds significantly to that public cost burden.


9. No ‘Fresh Air’ on Immigration Politics

EXCERPT: David Weigel is a talented young reporter who has written for The American Conservative and Reason magazine and is now with the Washington Independent. But his interview last week on the National Public Radio program ‘Fresh Air’ with host Terry Gross revealed gaping holes in his understanding of the politics of immigration.


10. The Immigration Managers

EXCERPT: The management (or mismanagement) of the flows of immigrants into the United States is, thanks to Congress, an extremely complicated task assigned to at least eight agencies spread over four cabinet departments. If anything, the second Bush Administration’s decision to re-organize the immigration process (and dismantle the old Immigration and Naturalization Service) made matters more complex.


The Immigration Managers – The Department of Homeland Security

EXCERPT: The team of five Presidential appointees working on immigration management in the Department of Homeland Security include two people with substantial resumes in the immigration field, two neophytes, and one in-between. All five have law degrees.


The Immigration Managers – The Department of State

EXCERPT: The two units within the State Department that deal with migration management are the Bureau of Consular Affairs and its considerably smaller cousin, the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. Both are headed by Assistant Secretaries.


11. The Case of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi: Deja Vu All Over Again

EXCERPT: Overshadowed in the extensive national coverage of the Najibullah Zazi terror case is the case of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a 19-year old Jordanian man arrested on Thursday, September 24, in Dallas. Smadi was taken into custody by FBI agents shortly after throwing the switch on what he believed was a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) in an SUV he had parked in the basement of a 60-story Dallas office tower, in an attempt to kill thousands of people timed to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Like several other terrorists before him, Smadi apparently was a student visa overstay.

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