Sounds like straight description to me but not to the loony Latina in the excerpt below. According to her, even Obama uses hate speech

“Knowing that words matter, and some more than others, it was disappointing to hear President Obama repeatedly use the term “illegal immigrant” in his recent healthcare speech to the joint session of Congress.

In the past, he has referred to this population by its more accurate description of “undocumented immigrants” and so the prevailing thought among immigrant advocates is that the President’s use of the term was a subtle political olive branch to those like “Joe the Congressional Heckler” Wilson.

Yet, as we now know, the usage of the term didn’t appease anyone but merely added to the antagonism already felt by some in the room — not to mention that it elevated a term regarded by many as hate speech as now having White House approval.


The claim that “undocumented immigrants” is more accurate is a laugh. It’s not documents they lack but permisseion to be in the country. And as CIS points out, about half of them do have documents anyway, just not legitimate ones.