1. A Biblical Perspective on Immigration Policy

Excerpt: The immigration issue often highlights fissures between faithful parishioners and denominational clerics. Many Catholic bishops have called for amnesty for illegal immigrants, and their conference’s lobbying arm works continually with open-borders special interests. Catholic and “mainline” Protestant church officials have decried the federal government’s enforcement of immigration laws. Some liberal religious leaders re-initiated a “sanctuary” movement to harbor illegal aliens, including in churches. A Southern Baptist official has sided with amnesty proponents as pragmatism, and the National Association of Evangelicals plans to weigh in, likely on the pro “comprehensive immigration reform” side.


2. The Immigrant Paradox: The Stalled Progress of Recent Immigrants’ Children

Excerpt: The American tradition, over the years, has been that the first generation of immigrants struggles, the second generation does better, and the third generation does even better in terms of income, education, personal health, and overall achievement. There is much statistical as well as anecdotal evidence of these trends in the past.


3. ‘There is too much international migration’

Excerpt: Immigration is a challenge for both less-developed and advanced societies. The settlement of Nigerians in South Africa, for instance, or Bolivians in Argentina creates many problems familiar to anyone who has explored the history of American immigration a century ago.


4. President Obama, ‘Illegal Immigrants,’ and Misinformation

Excerpt: It was bound to be interesting when Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos, in an interview with President Obama that was broadcast Sunday on Univision, asked why the president had used the term ‘illegal immigrants’ when discussing his health plan in a speech two weeks ago to a joint session of Congress. It was the president’s statement that illegal immigrants would not be covered that provoked the infamous ‘You lied!’ charge from South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson.


5. Last Week’s Other Cheap Political Stunt

Excerpt: The big political dust-up last week was the Congressional Black Caucus’s resolution directed at Rep. Joe Wilson, who called President Obama on his inaccuracy during his recent speech before a joint session of Congress. The precipitating event served to spark scrutiny and public discussion of loopholes in health legislation relating to coverage of illegal aliens. But a less prominent political stunt also went on in the nation’s capital.


6. Obama Links Health Insurance Reform and Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty)

Excerpt: In order to garner the votes of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and to shore up support for his proposed health insurance reform from the National Council of La Raza and other Hispanic groups, President Obama told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute last week that he would make health insurance available to everyone who is legally in the United States and that he would work to legalize illegal aliens by passing comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty).


7. The New York Times’ Ode to Illegal Aliens in the Orchards

Excerpt: The New York Times, in an editorial page item on Sunday, describes the use of illegal workers in the ongoing upstate New York apple harvest from the point of view of a poetic apple farmer.

Exploitation of illegal workers, and the exclusion of unemployed legal residents from the harvest, is described thusly: ‘It was the usual harvest race, under constant threat of disruption from bad weather and the Border Patrol…


8. Jorge Ramos, Disappointed in Obama, Lines Up Sunday Interview

Excerpt: As President Obama makes the rounds of this Sunday’s talks shows, he will record an interview for the Univision program ‘Al Punto,’ with Jorge Ramos. There will likely be an interesting discussion of the president’s plans to reform both health care and immigration policy.


9. Immigration Reform Finally Comes to Saipan

Excerpt: The very worst sliver of America’s immigration policy, one that brought both worker exploitation and a population explosion to an outlying set of U.S.-controlled islands, comes to an end on November 28 after more than a decade of controversy.


10. The Coarsening of Our Political Dialogue

Excerpt: On ’60 Minutes’ last Sunday, President Obama said Rep. Joe Wilson’s ‘You lie!’ outburst was an example of the ‘coarsening of our political dialogue that I’ve been running against since I got into politics.’

Last night’s Univision newscast provided more intemperate outbursts for the president’s consideration. They came in the form of condemnations of the ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009 Radio-thon’ that wraps up today on Capitol Hill.


11. Now That I Have Your Attention on Health Reform and Illegals . . .

Excerpt: Most of the news media have worked overtime to deny that health reform legislation covers illegal aliens (it most definitely does). But there are a few exceptions — thank God! One is the Courier out in Iowa. The Waterloo, Iowa, news people actually looked at the bill, H.R. 3200. The editorial also gets that House lawmakers took the cynical approach of using meaningless, fig leaf ‘prohibitions,’ wink-and-nod presumption of eligibility, and omission of parallel verification requirements contained in 71 other public programs.


12. Obama Risks Losing Congressional Hispanic Caucus Support

Excerpt: By guaranteeing that illegal aliens will not be included in any health insurance reform, the President risks losing support of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and their allies in the House and Senate.

As has been widely reported, during his recent address to a joint session of Congress, President Obama suddenly stopped talking about the 47 million ‘people’ who lack health insurance and began talking about the 30 million ‘American citizens’ who do not have health insurance.

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