17. A Modified Limited Hangout

Excerpt:So I checked the site — http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/ — and I also couldn’t find any reference to the ‘myth’ that illegal immigrants will get coverage. It looks like the White House is already preparing the ground for its inevitable caving on the issue and agreement to a verification requirement. I can already hear Obama saying ‘As I’ve said before, I oppose coverage for illegal immigrants, which is why we’re urging Congress to fix this oversight


18. Immigration, Population, and the Environment: Experts to Debate Impact of Current Policies

Excerpt: It is well-documented that current U.S. immigration policies will increase Americas population by about 100 million people over the next half-century. Past attempts to restructure the federal immigration program have often included debates on education, assimilation, health care, labor, and many other issues. But the environmental impact of immigration-driven population growth is usually missing from the discussion, despite the fact that environmental concerns are high on the Obama Administrations priority list.


19. The Elephant in the Room: Panel on Immigration’s Impact on Health Care Reform

Excerpt: While there has been some discussion of whether illegal immigrants should be covered by proposed government insurance plans, the enormous impact of immigration, both legal and illegal, on the health care system has generally not been acknowledged in the current debate. On August 19, the Center for Immigration Studies held a panel discussing the health care issue.


20. Is the Congressional Research Service Making ‘False Claims’ Too?

Excerpt: Rep. Lamar Smith quotes from a new report by the Congressional Research Service to debunk President Obama’s ‘willful misrepresentations,’ ‘outright distortions,’ and ‘outrageous myths’ on immigration and health care.* Given the political importance of the illegal-alien question, it’s worth quoting Smith’s press release at length, especially since CRS reports aren’t usually released to the public:


21. Jorge Ramos’s Problem with President Obama

Excerpt: Jorge Ramos, the influential Miami-based co-anchor of the nightly newscast on the Spanish-language network Univision, has been broadcasting his disappointment with President Obama for not fulfilling a promise to deliver immigration reform during his first year of office.


22. Mission Impossible for Secretary Napolitano?

Excerpt: Is it possible to play tough cop and nice cop at the same time? That’s roughly the assignment facing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. In addition to leading the agencies responsible for enforcing immigration law, she has been designated by President Obama to work with Congress to forge ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ legislation that would legalize millions of people who have broken the law.


23. Does the Health Care Bill Bar Illegal Aliens from Taxpayer Funds? Not Really

Excerpt: As members of Congress get an earful from their constituents on the proposed health care overhaul, one topic is becoming front and center: immigration. How the legislation addresses both legal and illegal immigration will have a significant effect on public support, but as of this writing, the 1,000-page health care bill only includes a few, ambiguous and entirely inadequate clauses on immigration.


24. Protesting Too Much, or Acknowledging Too Little

Excerpt: As President Obama complains that his critics protest too much about his health care plans for illegal immigrants, he appears to be acknowledging too little. Consider his appearance yesterday with radio talk show host Michael Smerconish, specifically his exasperated response to a caller who raised the issue.


25. Politicians Do It Comprehensively

Excerpt: Of course, instead of asterisks she had the word ‘health-care,’ but she identifies the problem with ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ as well. Nothing Congress and the administration would come up with under that rubric would be good (in fact it would also require us to surrender our self-determination). Instead, they should ‘tackle a few fixable problems with consensus and support from Americans,’ like employment verification, Social Security no-match letters, and getting rid of the Visa Lottery.


26. USA Today Backs REAL ID

Excerpt: In late July, the Senate Homeland Security Committee passed out of committee the PASS ID Act, the ‘repeal and replace REAL ID’ legislation promised by DHS Secretary Napolitano to the Nationals Governors Association (NGA), the lobbying shop in which she was extremely active during her tenure as Arizona governor. While the NGA’s original version of PASS ID has been amended for the better, it remains completely unnecessary, reduces security, and generally permits states to do little to nothing over current secure ID issuance procedures while giving them access to new federal monies.


27. Nativo Lopez to Census: Count Me Out!

Excerpt: Rejecting as a slap in the face last week’s statement by President Obama that immigration reform would not advance until next year, Mexican-American activist Nativo Lopez called on illegal immigrants to boycott the 2010 census.

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