For the moment, I want to step back from questions of lying, sincerity and deception. The big picture for the week is that the President’s pledge to Congress that illegal aliens will not benefit from his federal health plan has pretty well established that everybody who is anybody agrees that it would be wrong to include illegal aliens.

That’s a victory, folks. And it wasn’t just the President. It seemed like nearly every congressional leader and most of the big media treated Mr. Obama’s comments approvingly. In other words, they weren’t disagreeing with the idea that illegal aliens and the businesses that hire them should NOT be subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

The open-borders blogosphere is not at all happy about the Democratic Leadership’s rush to declare illegal aliens ineligible. Some blogs are even accusing Pres. Obama of pandering to racism Wednesday night because he referred to “illegal immigrants” instead of “undocumented workers.”

Your constant hard work the last six weeks in spotlighting this issue has pushed these leaders into pandering to U.S. citizens instead of pandering to illegal aliens!

Just a few months ago, most of those same leaders and media who are backing the President’s no-illegal-coverage pledge this week were talking about the need to extend all kinds of benefits to illegal aliens. The whole craze for “comprehensive immigration reform” has been about bringing illegal aliens into every benefit of a U.S. citizen. Now, most of those same leaders are falling over themselves to tacitly acknowledge that would be wrong and to promise that there is no way that would happen on federal health insurance.

After all the pledges of non-coverage this week, isn’t it going to be a bit awkward for them to turn around two months from now and say that Congress should pass a legalization law that would give the 12-20 million illegal aliens the full coverage of U.S. citizens under the new health plan?

The cost to taxpayers would be the same whether they are included as illegal aliens or whether their status is changed to legal residents. The Center for Immigration Studies estimated this week that the increase in cost either way would be around $26 billion a year.

Much of the media have been typically frustrating in their unprofessional, non-objective coverage of this issue, with many of them blindly just declaring that the House bill would not cover illegal aliens.

But the public is far more aware of the idea that the bill does not require verification. The verification concept slipped into a lot of the news reports. Solomon Gifford on our staff noted these items from Thursday’s websites:

* is now saying “Republicans have a point here” and talks about the two verification amendments voted down.

* front page story is actually saying that we should have more debate like Joe Wilson. A second “fact check” article claims Obama is right, but says that Republicans are saying there’s not enough verification.

* MSNBC’s website (link from homepage) claims Obama is right but admits there is no verification.

* Washington Times (front page story) at least mentions the fact that the Republicans have submitted two bills, voted down by Democrats, that would have required verification.

* CNN’s fact check sides with Obama, but at least it quotes Wilson’s reasons including the word verification when talking about the two defeated bills.

Friends, we are not getting anything close to balanced and fair coverage, but because of your constant efforts with fax, phone and attendance at meetings, the verification issue is breaking through.

Remember that on just Tuesday of this week, the Obama Administration finally ended its battle to water down a new regulation mandating that federal contractors use E-Verify to keep illegal aliens out of jobs. We won.

Mr. Obama may be under great pressure from the radical wing of his party to prevent verification on health care, but Sen. Baucus (D-Montana) seems to have gotten the message and is promising some kind of verification in the Senate bill. We’ll help you keep the pressure on the Senate to do just that.

Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the big media want us to believe that we don’t need verification because we can trust illegal aliens not to lie and violate a law that says they shouldn’t participate in the federal health plan.

We are supposed to trust illegal aliens who have paid thousands of dollars to participate in a criminal conspiracy to get into the country in the first place — or they have lied on their tourist, temporary worker and student visa applications and broken their visa promises to go home by a stated date. We are supposed to trust the illegal aliens who have lied on their work application to break the law and obtain jobs. Who have stolen U.S. citizens’ identities and have participated in criminal counterfeiting conspiracies to obtain jobs. But somehow, according to Nancy Pelosi, these same people wouldn’t think of violating a written paragraph in the health care law that says they are ineligible to participate.

Hahahaha. That Nancy Pelosi is such a kidder!

Verification is the key to everything regarding immigration policies. The American people have learned that unless full-scale verification is mandated in a law, enforcement will NOT happen. The 1986 amnesty proved that. And every other immigration law has, too.

That is why the Rasmussen poll early this week found that more than 80% of Americans say there should be verification procedures to keep illegal aliens out of any health care plan.

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