Pesky newspaper! The officials don’t WANT to find illegals. Too much bother. Just the occasional well-publicized raid on an Indian or Chinese restaurant is their idea of earning their keep. Get a DVD of “Yes Minister” if you have any faith in the British bureaucracy

A coach load of suspected illegal immigrants are being held after they were unwittingly diverted to a Home Office detention centre. The men believed they were boarding a bus to work on a farm in Lincolnshire – but were instead driven to a detention centre following a sting by the News of the World. Fourteen suspect illegal immigrants are now being questioned by UK Border Agency officials.

The paper reported they had been promised jobs for six months on a farm near Spalding by two gangmasters who used their Indian restaurant in East London as a front for the illegal workers racket. The pair charged the paper £500 for arranging the secret work force after bragging they could supply workers up and down the country. The group were then driven straight to the immigration centre in Longstanton, near Cambridge.

A Home Office spokeswoman said 14 suspected illegal immigrants had been detained and were being processed by immigration officials.

The two gangmasters are now being investigated by the UK Borders Agency and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority. The spokeswoman said: “If or when we find any evidence that they have been involved in this type of activity we will arrest them.”