Sheriff’s deputies received information Thursday that approximately 10 to 15 Royal Paper employees, who were subjects of an ID theft investigation, called in sick for work as deputies were conducting a workplace raid at the Royal Paper Company in South Phoenix.

Those employees were scheduled to work later in the day at the second location of 4949 West Lower Buckeye Road that was hit hours after the initial search warrant was served at 711 N. 17th Avenue.

Arpaio says, “This investigation is far from over. I would hope that this Phoenix based company concentrates on hiring people who are legal to work in this country in light of the current economic situation.”

As information of the Sheriff’s Office raid hit local news broadcasts, people began showing up at Royal paper looking for jobs.

“This proves again that people in this country legally are willing to do jobs that many politicians claim they will not do. President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano feel that law enforcement should concentrate their enforcement efforts on employers not employees. I feel that we need to enforce all illegal immigration laws.” Arpaio says.

This investigation of Royal Paper marks the 23rd conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that has resulted in the arrest of 311 illegal aliens. Yesterday’s raid netted Sheriff’s deputies 44 illegal aliens, 34 of which were for felony ID theft.

Deputies are still looking for another 60 suspects they believe have been employed by Royal Paper using false identification.

“We have potentially created over 300 jobs for legal residents of this country because of these types of investigations. Those are real numbers, not like the estimates that you get out of Washington DC when attempting to justify claims on the success of the recent stimulus bill.” Arpaio says.

Sheriff’ deputies tracked down one suspect at her home near 75th Avenue and Camelback after learning that she had called in sick that day. She was booked into the county jail on forgery and identity theft charges.

Deputy Lt. Joe Sousa said “I can only imagine that these people were watching the news during the initial raid and decided not to come to work.”