More of that famous British bureaucratic efficiency. They are just there to collect their pay. They don’t give a hoot about the job they are supposed to do

British immigration agents in France inspecting border controls at a bottleneck for clandestine crossings were left red-faced Monday as a stowaway hidden under the chassis of their bus escaped to freedom.

The employees of the UK Border Agency, which has responsibility for immigration into England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, were blissfully unaware of their extra passenger load as they drove through the Channel tunnel.

It was only when they arrived in Folkestone, on the southern English coast, from Coquelles, that they noticed their intrepid, but uninvited fellow traveller slipping out from his hiding-place wedged near the bus’s fuel tank.

The migrant, who managed to climb on board their hired vehicle at Dover, which is by the English entrance to the tunnel, managed to scarper without being apprehended, according to a spokeswoman for the interior ministry.

A full investigation is now underway, she said.

Britain says it prevented 28,000 attempted entries onto its territories in 2008. [28,000! My! That’s impressive. What about the half million whom the British courts have told to go home but who just stay on in Britain regardless? THAT’S tough enforcement for you! I wonder why we are not mentioning those?]