Congressmen lie. Congressmen deceive. Congressmen think the voters in their District are either idiots or too apathetic to notice.

Today’s vote on health care for illegal aliens is such a perfect example. The vote was a farce that will be used by many Congressmen to defend themselves against charges that they promote illegal immigration, when in fact their action today just encouraged more of it.

Many Congressmen were stung by the intense phone calls and other outrage from their constituents after they successfully voted on Thursday to kill the “Deal amendment” that would have required verification to keep illegal aliens from getting any new federal health care.

So, they came back today to introduce another amendment that said illegal aliens couldn’t get the health care.

HOWEVER . .. . . . the amendment today provided for no verification. And actually reaffirmed other decisions of the last three years to include illegal aliens in various taxpayer-supported benefits.

Our allies in the committee pointed out the deception but the amendment passed on a voice vote.

Expect this to happen: When you criticize any of the Members who voted against the Deal Amendment, you can expect that they will point to this amendment today that they really did oppose rewards for illegal immigration.