Andrew Flintoff may have to apologise for his anti-immigrant outburst to GQ magazine.

The England all-rounder, 31, told GQ magazine: “I have no problems with a multicultural society, I think that is to the benefit of the country. But you have to be careful what levels you take it to. “It annoys me when I phone a hotel receptionist in my own country and they don’t understand what I am saying because they don’t speak English.

“I think that’s wrong, it’s nothing to do with being politically correct or incorrect, it’s just not right.”

Flintoff, who is married to Rachael, 30, and has a daughter Holly, four, and sons Corey, three, and Rocky, one, also put the blame on rising violence on rap music.

“I see Manchester on a Friday night and I would be horrified seeing my daughter going to the bars,” Flintoff added. “There are places I wouldn’t go to now. You see these reports of stabbings, bottlings, shootings, and you think: ‘What is happening to this country?’ “I think rap music has a lot to do with it. It makes it sound cool not to conform, and to be violent.

“That’s why I think that sport plays such an important role.”

Flintoff is no stranger to controversy – the Lancashire cricketer was sacked as England vice-captain and also banned for a World Cup game in 2007 for breaching team discipline in the now notorious ‘Fredalo’ [late-night drunken hijinks] incident in the West Indies.

Flintoff apologised then and he may have to do the same now following this outburst.


There have been plenty of criticisms of the antisocial content of rap music and it irritates many Americans that they have to press “1” for English so it is difficult to see what Flintoff said that is so egregious. But he was of course speaking in authoritarian Britain, where speech about many topics is heavily restricted