Note that 70% of Britons want big cuts in the rate of immigration so Mr Griffin is a better representive of the British people than are the traditional parties. That is why he evokes such hysteria

Buckingham Palace was facing criticism from anti-racism campaigners after it was disclosed that Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, was to attend a garden party hosted by the Queen. Mr Griffin, who has previously attacked the Royal family, is to attend the function as a guest of Richard Barnbrook, a BNP member of the London Assembly. All members of the assembly have been invited to the party on July 21 but Mr Griffin’s likely attendance was met with disbelief and anger by anti-racism campaigners.

He has been a persistent critic of the Royal family and the Prince of Wales in particular. He once said: “He [the Prince] has made known his desire to represent people of all faiths and races. This clearly shows the gulf that lies between the monarchy today and the British people.” [An arguably true statement]

Campaigners condemned Mr Griffin’s attendance. A spokesman for Searchlight, the anti-fascist group, [“Searchlight” is in fact a far-Left Trotskyist group] said: “Many members of his organisation have been convicted of crimes of violence and racial harassment. [Practically the whole of the British parliament has recently been revealed as a nest of thieves so accusations of criminality could flow in many directions. And the BNP “crimes” were mostly thought crimes that would be protected in the USA under the 1st Amendment] We would have thought on security grounds alone he would be denied access to Buckingham Palace.”

Members of Republic, an anti-monarchy pressure group, were disbelieving. Graham Smith, a spokesman, said: “This is a catastrophic blunder. “This gaffe will ensure the BNP will get acres of free publicity. It beggars belief that this could happen so close to an election.” [It is the Leftist protests that will give the BNP publicity, not the original invitation]

A source close to Buckingham Palace said: “I think we can be quite certain that thousands of people will be attending the garden party and that the chances of any member of the Royal family actually meeting the BNP contingent are highly unlikely.”

A palace spokesman said it was not consulted on guests and relied on the nominating organisations. “Where a guest is not judged to be a direct threat to security, as judged by the police, an invitation would be issued,” he said.

Mr Barnbrook said: “I imagine there will be a to-do. These things are going to happen more and more as the party goes forward.”
A BNP spokesman said it would be “absurd” for Mr Barnbrook to snub an invitation from the Queen.