What’s the point if when you catch illegals you treat them as honoured guests? Australias Leftist government “punishes” them when they arrive by giving them money to go shopping and will listen sympathetically to any pack of lies. I kid you not: Money to go shopping is one of the first things they get when they arrive, plus better accommodation than they have ever had before. John Howard used to just send them to jail

BORDER security is expected to get up to $500 million in funding in next Tuesday’s federal budget. Since the Rudd government abolished temporary protection visas last August, 18 vessels of asylum seekers have been intercepted in Australian waters. This has led to opposition claims that the government’s border protection policy has failed.

The government will outline a Regional Action Plan which could receive between $200 million and $500 million in anti-people smuggling measures, The Australian reports. The funding is expected to finance more boats and aircraft, training for border-control staff and extra Australian Federal Police (AFP) in the south-east Asia region.

The AFP is tipped to get an extra $80 million for counter-terrorism measures overseas.