This rather shows up the disgraceful British treatment nof the Gurkhas

Afghans who have worked alongside Canadian military and diplomats, risking their lives, are to be allowed to move to Canada.

Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, is introducing the humanitarian policy which will provide a safe haven for people who risk danger in their homeland through their former work with Canadian military and government.

Hundreds of Afghans are expected to benefit from the move, which goes further than the plans made by the previous government to bring over just a few injured translators.

Any ex-employee who served for 12 months and who has become injured or can prove they face danger in Afghanistan will have their Canadian visa application fast-tracked under the scheme, to which Kenney is putting the final touches. The first Afghans and their families are expected to begin to move to Canada within a few months.

However, Kenney says that his first priority will be to move people to a safer part of Afghanistan to prevent a mass exodus of moderate, educated Afghans from the country.

Kenney added, “I think Canadians would be proud to help provide refuge to those who have helped our forces, aid personnel and diplomats.